What started as a personal quest for the ultimate short sleeved summer shirt resulted in a new chapter in our Howlin’ story: the development of our own shirt patterns. Crafted from a luxury Italian cotton-seersucker, a fabric renowned for its durability and naturally airy feel, these shirts are perfect for the warmer weather.

This shirt is is all about making cocktails, no matter what time it is.

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Breezy Italian seersucker fabric98% Cotton - 2% ElastanRegular FittingCool Wash 30High quality shell buttons from ItalyOwn in-house developed pattern

Front chest pocketWider sleeves for ultra comfort fitAvailable in Blue, Ice Greyand stripes.All pieces are produced in small batches and with close attention to details.

Made in Belgium.With a smile.


Whether you are on the beach, in tha club or locked down in your apartment, these holiday shorts are the ultimate summer shorts. It has 2 inventive deep front pockets and 1 pocket on the back for all your belongings.

They also have an elasticated waist (for big meal lovers) and are adjustable with a well made Belgian cord.

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All these special products are crafted from a luxury Italian cotton-seersucker. You’ll notice that this fabric is woven in such a way that some of the threads bunch together to give the fabric a wrinkled appearance and texture. Seersucker’s texture creates a space between the skin and the fabric that helps improve heat dissipation and promote air circulation.

The name seersucker is said to originate from the Persian words shîr and shakar, which translates to “milk and sugar”. This more than likely references the smooth and bumpy texture of the fabric, as well as evidencing the origin and popularity of the fabric in the Middle East. During the British Colonial era, seersucker was a popular choice of fabric in countries

like India, whose climate was warm and muggy. In the 1920s it was used by preppy undergraduate college students and professors alike. Seersucker became a staple on college campuses across the US, particularly at Ivy League schools, where students often wore one seersucker garment (often, a blazer) whereas academic staff were known to wear full suits with a red bow tie.

Being a fan of the fabric for a long time, it was a real pleasure to shape it on freshly designed Howlin' patterns. Going for that unknown pleasure and breezy comfort fit.

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