Shaggy Bear

Meet our Shaggy Bear™, the friendliest bear around. He's like the Big Lebowski at your Sunday tea party in the garden—just minding his own business and always up for some fun. Legend has it that Shaggy Bear™ loves having his tummy rubbed. If you give his stomach a daily rub, he'll make sure your wishes come true. However, note that it can be a bit tricky to rub his tummy as he's very tiny. When you do rub his stomach, make sure to do so with a positive attitude. The gesture should lift your spirits and bring happiness.

Made In Scotland

At Howlin', our Shaggy Bear™ division is a distinct lineup within the brand, offering diverse styles for both men and women. The Shaggy Bear™ sweater draws inspiration from the classic Ivy Shetland Shaggy Dog, an iconic piece in American university fashion. It blends tradition with modernity, giving it a modern twist while respecting the heritage. More than just a piece of knitwear, the Shaggy Bear™ symbolizes a classic legacy reimagined for the contemporary individual who values both the past and the present. This truly unique piece of knitwear is 100% made in Scotland by master crafts people. Each Shaggy Bear™ is handled individually and tenderly, throughout its entire production, from the first precise stitch to the delicate pressing and folding. The real uniqueness lies in the exclusive Shetland yarn that we developed together with a local Scottish spinner creating exclusive colour melanges. Far from everything else in the world we have our own knitting process under one small roof. From cleaning the fleeces, which are coming from local crofters, to dying the wool, spinning yarn and finally knitting this original Shaggy Bear™. It's crafted in Scotland with a 100% pure wool yarn sourced from the resilient Shetland sheep breed, known for enduring Scottish winters. Due to the limited wool production from each Shetland sheep, the resulting yarn holds a cult status in the market, prized for its exceptional quality and unique properties. Be not mistaken, it’s often imitated, never duplicated.

Shaggy Brushed

After knitting and washing each Shaggy Bear™ with local fresh water, they undergo an individualized process using a vintage brushing machine. This machine delicately lifts and pulls the fibers, creating a loose and relaxed shaggy brush effect. Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in the use of traditional teasels, a natural product, for this process. No man-made brush can replicate the unique brushing effects achieved with traditional teasels. It is the careful execution of each of these delicate stages that results in the softest natural Shetland feel we have ever experienced. The real thing, made by and for lovers.