Our Howlin’ Blue Series is all about exploring our view on Future Utility Garments. Next to our seasonal knitwear collections we wanted to set up a few core classics that stand the test of time. Classic reliable garments that are functional and a pleasure to wear on a daily basis.

All these garments are not only designed but also completely Made in Belgium with carefully sourced fabrics. Our heavy corduroy comes from one the best British fabric makers, our cotton twill from one of the last natural weavers in Italy and our brushed fabrics for the shirting is woven specially for us by a Japanese specialist.

The cord in our elastic waists (for all big meal lovers out there) is manufactured by a small Belgian cord maker. Combining tradition and innovation is were it’s all about. All pieces are produced in small batches with close attention to details in a specialized Belgian atelier.

Producing in Belgium not only means you have a truly unique product in your hand, it also means that the people making your goods are well paid and looked after. Now more than ever it’s our believe to invest in less.. but better products. You can read more on our Made in Belgium products here.